The Chinese are probably one of the most unique people in the world. They have over five thousand years of written history. During that long period, there have been numerous wars and a lot of internal or external chaos. Several of those nearly eliminated the nation from the earth. However, they have not only miraculously survived, but have grown and strengthened. Back 300 years ago, China was one of the major powers in the world. It was a leading nation both in economic productivity and in science and technology. The reason why Chinese people could survive and prosper through numerous crises lies in their unique ethnics, history and culture. These form a complicated system that includes elements such as astronomy, geography, military, medicine, literature and arts, etc. The Chinese people have made glorious achievements in all respects. What is most characteristic is their way of thinking and reasoning which is philosophical and full of wisdom. Such a way of thinking is deeply built in their mind and has become their instinct.


To understand the Chinese people, one must first understand their history. One of the purposes of publishing this serial is to introduce some true historical figures and their interesting stories to the western world, so that they will be able to understand the Chinese people, the Chinese culture, and the Chinese way of thinking. Above all, to help the western people to appreciate the unique wisdom that Chinese people apply in dealing with complicated problems and dangerous issues. In today*s world, the excellent culture with one nation has become the common wealth of all human beings, if only people are willing to communicate with and to understand each other. By doing so, any difference in history, culture, language and way of thinking between the western and the eastern people can be overcome and friendship will be built and enhanced. It is noticeable that numerous conflicts result from lack of understanding of each other.


To begin with, this serial will comprise 11 books with full colour illustrations, each containing 32-48 pages in American letter size. The common features of these books include:

1.These are true stories that are recorded in historical documents. Some of them occurred over 2000 years ago.

2.The stories in these books are re-told in plain modern English for easy understanding.  The stories are told from a new perspective so that the main theme is expressed clearly and easy to grasp by the western readers. The English translation is edited by an American editor who is specialized in children*s literature, which ensures the text is contemporary American English.

3.The illustrations are oil-paintings drawn by best artists in China. These fine paintings combine western styles with characteristics of traditional Chinese painting. The series of pictures tell the story, portray the characters and illustrate the historical background in the best possible details. These paintings on their own represent the rich variety of Chinese arts.


Courage  and  Wisdom

Contents in brief


Book 1 (published)


 The Story of Mulan

the Daughter and the Warrior    


The story of Mulan is an ancient Chinese folk song. It tells the story of a girl who joined the army in place of her father 1500 years ago, combating the enemy for over a decade before returning home victoriously. Though the brutal battles ended a long time ago, her beautiful story goes on.


Book 2

The Story of Cao Gui

How a Peasant Saved the Country


A Citizen*s Courage in Protecting His Country 每 When his country was facing an imminent enemy attack, a normal citizen volunteered to fight for his country. He instantly discovered the weakness of the enemy and proposed tactics to assist the king winning the war.


Book 3

The Story of Mo zi

Wisdom in Seeking Peace


Negotiation Table Offence and Defense on the  每 Upon learning a powerful country had built a fierce new weapon and was about to use to attack other countries, a righteous, peace-loving scholar ventured to prevent the use of this weapon. On the negotiation table, he adopted a variety of tactics to prove that using this weapon would definitely lead to defeat. Finally he persuaded the owner of the new weapon to give up his initial plan.


Book 4

The Story of Sun Bin

The Weak Defeating the Strong


Wrestling Between Two Generals 每 Sun Bin is a famous military leader in Chinese history. During his youth years, he was persecuted by his envious classmate and lost both legs. One day they met on the battle field, each leading his own country*s army. Fighting was fierce and could only be won by wisdom. After several rounds of wrestling of wisdom, Sun Bin finally defeated his classmate.


Book 5

The Story of Kong Ming (1)

Wisdom of Using the Enemy Resource


Taking Enemy*s Weapons  每 Taking Enemy*s Weapons 每 Kong Ming is the most famous political and military leader in China*s history. Once a battle was about to begin but the most important weapon, arrows, had not been made ready. There was no chance to make the arrows in a couple of days and the issue must be dealt with instantly. In that critical moment, Kong Ming took the order to solve the problem. With the cover of darkness and heavy cloud, Kong Ming led his men approaching the enemy*s camp site and captured their weapon.


Book 6

The Story of Kong Ming (2)

Wisdom of Using the Natural Energy


Suddenly Turned Wind 每 On the broad water surface of the Yangtz River and faced with an enemy that was ten times larger, any miscalculation would lead to crashing defeat. After thorough planning, a strategy was adopted. Just before the offensive move was launched, the commander noticed an adverse weather. Gosh! However, a suddenly turned wind led to a definite victory. None of the change was beyond Kong Ming*s estimate.


Book 7

The Story of Kong Ming (3)

Wisdom of Winning Enemy*s Heart


They Will Never Rebel每 The tribal people in the remote southern jungles often invaded the border area and perplexed the normal life of the local people. Several assault campaigns did not lead to a lasting peace. A better approach was needed to defeat them once and for all. This would be a special war, depending much on thinking, determination and wisdom. In the end, their hearts were won over and they would never again rebel.


Book 8

The Story of Shan Daoji

The Magical General and the Secret of the Grain


Sand as Grain 每 The enemy was chasing closely but their store of grain had been set on fire. Even worse, a traitor told the enemy about their food shortage. If they continue to retreat without their food supply, they might end up losing everything# But the calm general made a bold decision# He surprised the enemy. The enemy hesitated and retreats. In the end, the young general managed to take his army home safely.


Book 9

The Story of Xuan Gao

How a Merchant*s Courage Saved His Country


Presenting Gifts to Enemy  每 One day, a businessman was on his way to do business. He encountered a foreign army that was about to attack his country. Rather than escaping for his own safety, he decided to use his own wisdom to prevent the army from attacking. In the end, he managed to protect his country with his wisdom.


Book 10

The Story of Song Jiu

Making Peace Among Watermelons


Treating Neighbour Well 每  Two neighbouring kingdoms had watermelon fields that zigzagged along the border joining them together. Because the farmers in the two kingdoms planted their watermelons in different ways, the watermelons in one kingdom grew than the other. The jealous farmer in the poorer land started plotting nasty ways of destroying the watermelons in the better land. Retaliation would lead to damage to both sides. How to deal with this crisis? A low-ranking official came up with a wise way to handle it.


Book 11

The Story of  Zhao Kuo

False Wisdom


A Self-Branded General 每  The son of a general had good education, outstanding knowledge and proud character. Every one believed he would be a great general. In a critical war, however, his Achilles* heel led to the total defeat of his country.